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In line with our commitment to exclusivity, we accept only FIVE applications per year, ensuring utmost personalized attention. Express your interest now and embark on this transformative journey.

Our most prestigious service - PRESIDENT - offers for you and your family unrivalled cybersecurity bespoke strategies, and unparalleled support seamlessly blend with exclusive experiences and exclusive digital security gifts, elevating your digital world to new heights.

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 Experience cybersecurity at its zenith with our prestigious President package. Immerse yourself in unlimited remote incident response and round-the-clock threat intelligence. 

Elevate your executive protection, fortified by vigilant monitoring. Delve into our exclusive experiences, from luxurious Ritz Carlton Yacht voyages to exhilarating Beceite Ibex hunting escapades. 

And with advanced WiFi security and dedicated British & Australian Cyber Security Operations Centres, your digital realm is shielded comprehensively. Choose the pinnacle of protection.

Embrace the Exceptional Aspects of Our Services

Unlimited Remote Incident Response

Unlimited 24/7/365

Instant, round-the-clock cyber incident resolution from UK & Australian Cyber SOCs, ensuring rapid recovery and minimal disruptions to your digital landscape.

Executive Impersonation Protection

Unlimited 24/7/365

Strengthened defense against sophisticated social engineering attacks, safeguarding your identity and reputation.

Upto 100 Devices Worldwide Protection

Laptops, Desktops, Macs, Phones, Servers, IoTs in Home, Office or Yacht.

Comprehensive coverage for up to 100 devices, securing your home, office, and global connections.

Dark Web Monitoring for Leaks & Threats

Unlimited 24/7/365

Continuous, vigilant surveillance to safeguard against hidden cyber dangers and potential data breaches.

Advance WiFi Security

A Hardware based mobile or home protection device.

Advanced hardware based protection for your portable and home WiFi networks, ensuring secure connectivity anywhere you go.

Security Awareness Trainings

Two On Client Premises & Six Remote Trainings.

Empower your team with cutting-edge knowledge, fortifying their digital resilience against evolving threats.

UK or Australian Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Unlimited 24/7/365

Access top-tier expertise in UK or Australia and real-time monitoring from our elite SOC teams.

Advance Threat Intelligence

Unlimited 24/7/365

Proactive, 24/7 monitoring to predict and counter emerging cyber threats, staying ahead of potential risks.

Experience 1: Ritz Carlton Yacht

7 Nights Rome to Barcelona

Explore Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza - nightlife and natural beauty await. Hike Camí de Cavalls, revel in Ibiza's nightlife in Ritz Carlton Yacht's Signature Suite. First Class intl flight for two included.

Experience 2: Beceite Ibex Hunting In Spain

5 Days in Spain

Valued Beceite Ibex hunting in private lands from January to May or November to December in provinces of Castellón and Teruel, with 1:1 hunts, 4x4 vehicles, business class flights & accomodation.

The Process

Discover the journey to fortified digital security with our meticulously crafted implementation timeline, ensuring every step enhances your protection.
  • 1-2 Days1. Initial Consultation

    Understanding your specific needs and concerns, laying the foundation for a bespoke cybersecurity strategy.
  • 5-10 days2. Comprehensive Risk Assessment

    Identifying vulnerabilities in your digital presence, meticulously evaluating potential risks to devise an impenetrable defense.
  • 5-7 days3. Tailored Cybersecurity Strategy

    Crafting a bespoke security blueprint, aligning cutting-edge measures with your unique requirements.
  • 10-15 days4. Implementation and Deployment

    Executing the devised strategy with precision, ensuring seamless integration into your digital ecosystem.
  • 1 day5. Dedicated VIP Manager Assignment

    Appointing a seasoned cybersecurity professional, readily available to offer expert support and guidance.
  • Ongoing6. Continuous Monitoring Commences

    Uninterrupted surveillance, keeping vigilant eyes on your digital footprint, 24/7/365.
  • Ongoing7. Security Awareness Training Commences

    Empowering your team with valuable knowledge to bolster their digital resilience against evolving threats.
  • 7-14 days8. Executive Impersonation Protection Setup

    Fortifying your defenses against sophisticated social engineering attacks, safeguarding your identity and reputation.
  • Ongoing9. Exclusive Experiences Unlocked

    Curated experiences enriching your life beyond cybersecurity, elevating your overall well-being.
  • 7-10 days10. Infosec Hardware Gifts Delivered

    Thoughtful tokens of appreciation, exemplifying our commitment to exceptional cybersecurity.

With every step strategically designed and diligently executed, our implementation timeline ensures you ascend to unprecedented levels of digital resilience. Trust Blackstone Private to guide you through this transformational journey, where fortified protection meets exclusive experiences for a future secured from cyber threats.


CSR Excellence

At Blackstone Private, we believe in the power of giving back. As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, 1.0% of revenue generated from every President package subscription is dedicated to our CSR program.

Through this initiative, we actively contribute to transformative projects that support gender equality, environmental sustainability, and nourishing communities in need. By choosing our President package, you not only secure your digital world but also participate in making a positive impact on the global stage. Together, we forge a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


Expertise and Credentials

With our extensive array of cutting-edge cyber qualifications and over two decades of practical experience, you can rest assured that our President package offers not only sophistication but also the tangible expertise needed to safeguard your digital domain.

Cyber Security Certifications

  • OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System)

Our esteemed team boasts a plethora of leading certifications including OSCP, CISSP, CEH, ISO 27001, and CISM, ensuring unparalleled expertise in safeguarding your digital assets.

Global Influence

  • International Cybersecurity Acknowledgment
  • Renowned Speaker at Conferences and Seminars
  • Trusted Advisor to Prominent Family Houses and UHNWIs
  • Featured Expert in Prominent News Media

Our founder's global cybersecurity recognition, extensive speaking engagements, trusted advisory role to esteemed clients, and media appearances underscore our dedication to elite digital protection.

  • Female VIP Client
    Blackstone Private truly saved my life! When I was hit by a hacking incident, their expertise and swift action brought me back from the brink. I owe them everything!
    Female VIP Client
    South East Asia
  • Female Celebrity Client
    They've got my back in the cyber world, and I feel genuinely secure when I travel too. These guys are the real deal!
    Female Celebrity Client
    GCC Region

Discover the epitome of digital security. Join us to fortify your online realm. Reach out for unparalleled protection.

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