Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Blackstone FAQ hub, a comprehensive resource designed to address your queries about our services, values, and collaborations.

Whether you're an esteemed client or a potential partner, discover insights tailored to your interests. Dive in and uncover the nuances of our dedication to cybersecurity and elite partnerships.

FAQs For Blackstone Clients

1What is Blackstone Private?
Blackstone Private is a premier cybersecurity firm, dedicated to offering bespoke digital protection services tailored exclusively for elite clientele.
2Why should I choose Blackstone over other cybersecurity firms?
We focus on personalized cybersecurity solutions, uniquely tailored for the elite. Our deep understanding of high-profile threats, combined with our state-of-the-art protection mechanisms, ensures unparalleled safety.
3What types of threats do you guard against?
We defend against a comprehensive range of digital threats, including identity theft, financial fraud, data breaches, and more. View our detailed

list of threats.

4How do you keep up with the rapidly evolving cyber threats?
Our dedicated research and development teams continually monitor, analyze, and adapt to emerging threats, ensuring our defenses remain cutting-edge.
5What industries or sectors do you serve?
We cater to a diverse clientele ranging from top-tier executives, celebrities, law firms, investment managers, to wealth advisors and private offices, among others.
6Is my personal data safe with Blackstone?
Absolutely. Your data's security is paramount. We adhere to stringent security & privacy standards, including military grade 256 bit end-to-end encryption & advance cryptography on chat platforms and GDPR, SOC2, ISO27001 compliant vendors.
7How do I begin my partnership with Blackstone?
Simply fill out our

Expression of Interest (EOI) form.

. Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss next steps.
8What if I have specific cybersecurity needs not listed on your services?
Our bespoke services are designed to cater to unique requirements. Discuss your specific needs with our team, and we'll craft a tailored solution.
9How much does your service cost?
Given the bespoke nature of our services, costs vary based on individual requirements. After understanding your needs, we'll provide a detailed quote.
10Do you offer round-the-clock support?
Yes, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to assist and address any concerns you might have.
11Can I upgrade or modify my service package after signing up?
Absolutely. We offer flexible service packages that can be modified to align with your evolving needs.
12How long does it take to set up your cybersecurity services for a client?
Setup time can vary based on individual requirements. Typically, our onboarding process is swift, ensuring rapid protection.
13What distinguishes your "Elite", "President", and other service levels?
Each service level has its unique set of offerings, tailored for specific needs. Detailed comparisons can be found on our service level pages on the main menu.
14Do I need any specific hardware or software installations?
Depending on the bespoke solution crafted for you, specific software installations may be required. Our team will guide you through any necessary setups.
15What happens if there's a security breach?
In the rare event of a breach, our rapid response team will immediately address the threat, ensuring minimal impact and taking necessary actions to prevent future occurrences.
16Can I get a demo or trial before signing up?
We do offer demonstrations of our capabilities. Reach out to our team to schedule a session.
17How do I contact Blackstone for immediate concerns?
For immediate assistance, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or call on our helpline number that you have been provided when you signed up on a service level.
18What is your response time in case of emergencies?
We prioritize emergencies and typically respond within minutes up to few hours depending on the service level you have signed up to to address urgent concerns.
19Can I terminate my services if not satisfied?
Client satisfaction remains our top priority. However, termination of an active service isn't feasible after the initial 2-week cooling-off period due to dedicated manpower and resources allocation. During the cooling-off period, services can be terminated with a three working day notice via email. For non-renewal, a request must be forwarded one month prior to the service's expiry. Specifics can be found in your service agreement.
20Do you offer training or awareness sessions on cybersecurity?
Yes, we believe in empowering our clients. We offer remote and in-person training sessions anywhere in the world (where travel permits) as per our service agreement, to enhance awareness and preparedness against cyber threats.
21What is Blackstone Private's stance on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
At Blackstone Private, we believe in giving back to society. Our CSR initiatives aim at creating a positive impact on the communities we serve, emphasizing cybersecurity education and digital inclusivity.
22How does Blackstone contribute to community and societal well-being through its CSR programs?
Our CSR programs focus on promoting cybersecurity awareness in underserved communities, offering pro-bono services to non-profits, and supporting tech education for the next generation.
23Can clients collaborate or contribute to Blackstone's CSR initiatives?
Absolutely! We encourage our clients to join hands with us in making a difference. Whether it's through knowledge sharing, funding, or volunteering, your contributions can amplify our efforts.

FAQs For Blackstone Private Partners

1What is the Blackstone Private Partner Program?
The Blackstone Private Partner Program is a collaborative initiative designed for select entities to integrate and offer our elite cybersecurity solutions to their clientele. Our partners can seamlessly introduce or resell our services, ensuring their clients receive unparalleled digital protection.
2Which cyber threats does Blackstone Private provide protection against?
Blackstone Private offers protection against a vast spectrum of cyber threats, from identity theft to cryptocurrency vulnerabilities. For a detailed list, please click here.
3Who can become a partner?
While our primary partner categories include Law Firms, Investment & Wealth Management Firms, Private Offices, CEO Clubs, and Celebrity Managers, we are always open to exploring collaborations with organizations that align with our values and see the importance of elite cybersecurity.
4How do partners benefit financially from this collaboration?
Partners stand to benefit from a competitive commission structure and potential additional financial incentives. Details are provided upon initiation of partnership discussions and are tailored based on the nature and scale of collaboration.
5What kind of support can partners expect from Blackstone Private?
Partners receive comprehensive training and continuous support on our services and products. Additionally, they have access to dedicated service channels, ensuring rapid response and prioritized assistance.
6How does the partnership impact our clients?
Your clients will receive state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, ensuring their digital assets, communications, transactions, and personal information are under vigilant protection. Collaborating with Blackstone Private also showcases your proactive approach to their digital well-being, solidifying trust.
7Are there any contractual obligations?
Yes, to ensure a seamless collaboration and set clear expectations, we have a partnership agreement detailing the responsibilities, benefits, and other essential terms.
8How do we integrate Blackstone Private’s services into our offerings?
Our team works closely with partners to ensure a smooth integration. This may involve training sessions, joint strategy discussions, and technical integrations, if required. Our goal is to create a cohesive experience for your clients.
9Do partners receive exclusive insights or early access to new technologies or services?
Absolutely! Our partners gain privileged access to our research, findings, and any innovative technologies we develop or partner with. This ensures they stay ahead in the cybersecurity domain and can offer their clients the latest in digital protection.
10Can partners offer input or feedback on Blackstone Private’s services?
We value our partners' insights and feedback. Their unique vantage point, working closely with clients, can offer invaluable perspectives that help us refine and enhance our services further.
11How do we start the partnership process?
To initiate a discussion on partnership opportunities, please fill out our Partner EOI form by

clicking here.